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Poecilogale albinucha is found throughout sub-saharan Africa but is rare throughout its range. The striped weasel may be found in a variety of different habitats. It has been found in forest edge, grassland, and marsh regions Nowak

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This story begins not in the woods, but in my kitchen. I was sitting at the table one morning when I caught a quick movement out of the corner of my eye. Living in an s farmhouse, with a granite block foundation and more than a few cracks and crevices in the floors and walls, we occasionally see mice and voles inside.

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Stoats and weasels are both small, brown, fast and ferocious mustelids with sinuous bodies and short legs. So how do you tell the difference? By Pat Morris.

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The African striped weasel Poecilogale albinuchathe lone member of its genusis a small, black and white weasel native to sub-Saharan Africa. The African striped weasel is one of the smallest mammalian carnivores in Africa, and has an elongated body and short legs. The fur is mostly black, with four white to pale yellowish bands running down the back, a white patch on the top of the head, and a white tail. The head is elongated, with small eyes, a short, broad snout, and short ears.

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Mustelid fur is prized for its thickness and texture. The Mink, also found in this region, being one of the most prized for its coat. That is a myth.

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Although stoats and weasels are commonly confused, the two are different species of land mammals. Both species belong to the Mustela genus of the Mustelid family and are believed to have evolved about 65 million years ago from the now extinct miacid. Similar in appearance, the stoat and the weasel walk low to the ground and have long, slender bodies, short legs, long tails, and long necks.

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The stoat Mustela ermineaalso known as the short-tailed weasel or simply the weasel in Ireland where the least weasel does not live, is a mammal of the genus Mustela of the family Mustelidae native to Eurasia and North Americadistinguished from the least weasel by its larger size and longer tail with a prominent black tip. Originally from Eurasia, it crossed into North America someyears ago, where it naturalized and joined the notably larger, closely related native long-tailed weasel. The name ermine is used for any species in the genus Mustelaespecially the stoat, in its pure white winter coat, or the fur thereof.

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This guide initially displays all common mammals. Use the selectors below to view mammals of a particular shape, include rare mammals, or search for them by name. Mammals are defined as warm-blooded vertebrates with hair or fur and sweat glands — in the females mammary glands, modified sweat glands, produce milk to nourish the young. Most mammals develop a placenta which enables the feeding of the fetus during gestation and give birth to live young.

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Members of this family are generally characterized by long bodies and necks, short legs, small rounded ears, and medium to long tails. All have scent glands, generally used for territorial markings but in some animals for defense. Weasels are very active and chiefly terrestrial but are able to climb trees.

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