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During your reproductive years, you will get a period roughly once a month. It's safe for both partners. Having sex on your period is entirely safe, although it can sometimes get messy.

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Sex can be a messy, good time. Unfortunately, we're conditioned to think of our genitals as dirty and the fluids and smells they produce as something to be ashamed of. For most of us, there was a turning point in which our poops, farts, and burps transitioned from cute to disgusting.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. As the Bloodhound Gang reminded us in its hit songwe "ain't nothing but mammals.

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Sex can get pretty messy on its own. But once you start adding oils and foodstuffs to the mix, it can hit catastrophic heights. Like, "it's-time-to-move-out-because-you-can-never-go-back-to-your-bedroom-again" messy. These eight guys dish on the messiest and most memorable sex they've ever had:.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! How do you deal with messy sex?

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So you and the woman have been on some dates. You take her back to your place, and make out on the couch. Things are getting heated, electric, intense.

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We talk about sex a lot around here. It's fun to gab about vibratorssex tips and more. But one thing that doesn't get touched on too often is what to do after sex, that is, how to clean up all those bodily fluids.

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Wet and messy fetish WAMalso known as sploshingis a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when copious amounts of a substance are applied to the naked skin, face, or to clothing. Many people with WAM fetishes are drawn to the tactile sensations of wet or messy substances against their skin. Other individuals simply prefer the visual appeal of others getting wet or messy with products that have different textures, consistencies and colours. A subject will often be pelted with cream pies sometimes using shaving foam rather than real cream pie fillinghave slime dumped on them, or sit on cakes.

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Coffee House. Joanna Williams. They may have perfected the sexy selfie and a nonchalance about internet porn but millennials are just not that into sex.

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