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Scott Chamberlain, a councilman from Connecticut was forced to resign when it came to light that he was a furry. His animal of choice: a fox called Gray Muzzle. The profile showed a photo of him posing alongside someone in furry garb, and the fact he checked a box on his sofurry.

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However, a significant portion are. Our day started off early, because we had to drive about 2 hours to get to San Francisco. We met our group for breakfast in SoMA, and fueled up for the day.

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Top definition. Many people believe that part of being furry partakes in a sexual side. Amittidly it does happen but not all furries are interested or enjoy the more sexual side of the fandom.

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All photos by Zak Krevitt. Furry fandom is a big and radically misunderstood and misrepresented tent, covering not only those who identify with animals—fictional or real—but anyone who appreciates anthropomorphic critters, too. Furries express their affinities through everything, from art and literature to roleplaying on forums and in person as various "fursonas.

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A furry is a fictional make-believe animal character who has human traits, like walking on two legs or talking. People who like this art are also called furriesand together they make up the furry fandom. Another word for furry is anthropomorphicwhich means "people-like.

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Telephone Ring! Ringor just Telephoneformerly known as Wicker, Ino, and Sin on a large scale of furry sites, is not just your average furry animal fuckerbut one of the most overly dramatic and narcissistically delicious weeaboo faggots in the entire fandom of animal fuckers. While the actual gender and location of this disgusting excuse of a human being is questionable, it's presumed that she lives in wetback-infested mountains of Arizonaat least according to her excessive internet accounts.

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Furries gather before the fursuit parade at Anthrocon Photo by Kerry Neville. Donald Trump may want to ban transgender people from serving in the military, but as my teenage daughter, a sometimes furry named "Roo," reminds me, "LGBTQ people are always welcome with open arms in the furry fandom because we're all just beautiful animals!

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That is the most reliable, generic, boring answer someone could possibly give you, and while it's essentially true, it's not very helpful. The reason it's hard to give a better definition is because there are so many people who call themselves furries, they're all into different things, and they don't all agree on what counts as a furry. The difference between gamers and furries, though, is how well they're understood.

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Anthropomorphic Research Project. Navigation International Anthropomorphic Research Project. Currently Active Study. Past Results.


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