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But did you know that these solvents and paint thinners can be recycled and reused on-site in your facilityover and over, resulting in tremendous financial savings and millions of gallons of solvent waste saved each year? With all of the complications involved with managing industrial waste — plus the regulatory burden — it makes sense for business, and the environment, to explore recycling alternatives. As such, it is a weaker mineral spirit than regular mineral spirits and is more expensive because of the extra steps it takes to produce it to become odorless.

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And, methylene chloride is a classified carcinogen for lab animals and suspeced for humans while MEK is not. I avoid using it when possible in the lab. It is all about exposure.

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Some strippers contain higher concentrations of methylene chloride than others. Please observe all cautions. Because of their low flashpoint, MEK and acetone can be extremely hazardous and treating them casually can be invitation to disaster. Some of the newer 2-part epoxies, once properly mixed and properly cured are rather resistant to MC at room temperature, but WILL yield when boiled in the stripper.

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These requirements differ from the classification criteria and hazard information required for safety data sheets SDS. The product label also includes other important information, including directions for use, and should always be read in its entirety prior to using the product. H Causes serious eye irritation.

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Trying to do an extraction Acacia following Cyb's hybrid tek. Everything went accordingly until the step where the solvent is used. It is also excellent for cleaning tools and equipment after a painting project.

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Hazard to Others. International Hazard. Everything's under control.

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Now I can't find it; the local orange big-box has a "MEK subsitute. Did they take it off the market or something? I just saw MEK at the paint store the other day.

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Click here to see what you are missing! Hi there, I've got two large sheets of styrene that I need to bond together using a splice joint, and I was curious as to what glue you would use to join them together for strength. Seeing as this will be on a sheet that will be moved around, it will still need to be respectably flexible.

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