Success of breast fat transfer augmentation

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Fat grafting is becoming an increasingly popular procedure because of its versatility and low risks. It is ideal especially for women who want more feminine contours or a more exaggerated hourglass silhouette. Fat is taken from areas where it is not wanted and injected into the face, butt, or breasts for augmentation or correction of a contouring deformity.

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Fat grafting is a procedure which removes surplus fat cells from one area of the body and then re-implants it where needed. For example, fat grafting fills facial features with a patient's own fat. The advantage of fat grafting is that the fat is autologous it comes from your own bodyso allergic reactions do not occur, unlike when other external implant substances that are introduced into the body.

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I am definitely a person who has never been against Plastic Surgery. I think as long as it doesn't go overboard then nips and tucks are totally a good thing. I am also known for being a pretty bold person when it comes to trying new things.

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The concept of transferring fat from one area of the body to another is not a new one, however it is only in the last decade that surgical techniques have developed sufficiently to allow for relatively predictable results. There are a huge number of applications for this technique, such as improvement of facial and body contours, rejuvenation of hands, improvement of the appearance of scars, and enhancement of the breasts. The advent of effective techniques for fat transfer is one of the most exciting developments in the field of plastic surgery in recent years.

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In recent years, fat grafting or fat transfer to the breasts has become increasingly popular, with many surgeons now offering this treatment to their patients. Historically, there have been very few alternatives to breast implants. No doubt, there have been countless attempts in the health and beauty market to promote products that claim to increase breast size, and even entire blogs dedicated to natural remedies thought to increase breast size.

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It's true that prior attempts at autologous fat transfer to the breast have not proven to be successful due to poor techniques and lack of technology, resulting in less than optimal fat survival. But now, new technological advances in fat harvesting, adult natural fat cells transfer and breast splinting provides women the option of enlarging their breast using their own fat without the use of un-natural implants. As compared to implants, Natural Breast Augmentation involves no incisions, no new scars and no foreign objects.

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Techniques of transferring fat using liposuction and lipofilling have evolved and are being developed to augment and reconstruct the breast. One of the major potential problems remains the possibility of changes on mammogram, which can mimic cancer. More than cases have now been done in Italy and France and it has been found that, whilst there are changes on mammogram, experienced radiologists are able to differentiate these from cancer.

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Although the aesthetic remodeling of breasts by fat grafting has been done for many years, in the s the American Society of Plastic Surgery imposed a moratorium on this technique because it could mask or hinder the diagnosis of breast cancer. Nowadays, it is a procedure that has taken on new vigor and interest in the realm of cosmetic surgery. In this article, we provide patients with an overview of Michigan breast augmentation using fat grafts.

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THE latest kind of recycling has nothing to do with soda bottles. It entails liposuctioning fat from, say, thighs or buttocks and injecting it into breasts to augment them. Since some injected fat dies and calcifies, the thinking was that radiologists would not be able to distinguish between those calcifications or calcium deposits and suspicious ones that may indicate breast cancer.


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