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There are a lot of mysteries surrounding Viking graves, and a recent discovery has raised a new one: Why did Icelandic Vikings kill male horses in their prime and bury them with middle-aged men? And why, it seems, were these Vikings more inclined to eat female horses? Archaeologists studied more than Viking graves in Iceland and found that about contained horse teeth or bones.

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What sets us apart from most breeders, is how we let the unique quality of our mares and their own performances play centre part, rather than the nationality of their studbooks. Only passed by licenced stallions champion Desperado and reserve champion Diego, finishing third at the 4-year old Pavo Cup Finals in Ermelo, The Netherlands Get excited.

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As with the mare the expression of sexual behaviours is largely dependent on the effects of the sex hormones. In the stallion the main sex hormone is testosterone, which is produced in the testicles. Such behaviours are not therefore as strong in a gelding who has had his testicles removed.

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A stallion is a male horse that has not been gelded castrated. Stallions follow the conformation and phenotype of their breedbut within that standard, the presence of hormones such as testosterone may give stallions a thicker, "cresty" neck, as well as a somewhat more muscular physique as compared to female horses, known as maresand castrated males, called geldings. Temperament varies widely based on geneticsand trainingbut because of their instincts as herd animals, they may be prone to aggressive behavior, particularly toward other stallions, and thus require careful management by knowledgeable handlers.

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Phantom training is not as hard as one might imagine it to be. It involves conditioned reflex response remember "Pavlov's dogs" from school science? The response is of course ejaculation.

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Boxer wrote with her co-author, Mary-Rose Hayes. Soon, "the stallion rubbed his nose against the mare's neck and nuzzled her withers. She promptly bit him on the shoulder and, when he attempted to mount, instantly became a plunging devil of teeth and hooves.

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Common complaints concerning inadequate sexual interest and arousal or slow or variable response include slow starting novice breeders, slow or sour experienced stallions, and specific aversions or preferences. A large portion of inadequate libido in stallions is believed to be the result of domestic rearing, training, or breeding conditions. Most conspicuously, stallion sexual behavior can be suppressed by adverse experience.

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It is essential to have a stallion exhibit the proper mating behavior. The success of a breeding farm is dependent on the maximum reproductive efficiency from its stallions. Problems with normal mating behavior that is absent, erratic or unpredictable can make the difference between profitability and financial failure.

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The stallion preferences of mares differed considerably depending on whether they were in season or not, the European researchers found. Out-of-season mares leaned toward older and larger males, but only if visual cues were available. However, once they were in season, their preferences changed, basing their choices mainly on non-visual traits that could not be predicted by male age or size.

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We investigated the possibility that stallion whinnies, known to encode caller size, also encoded information about caller arousal and fertility, and the reactions of mares in relation to type of voice. Females from three study groups preferred playbacks of low-pitched voices. Hence, females are attracted by frequencies encoding for large male size, calmness and high fertility. More work is needed to explore the relative importance of morpho-physiological features.


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