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Threesomes are mysterious and intriguing to those who haven't tried — here's what they're like. A lot more people talk about having threesomes than have them, though. While enticing to many, turning one into reality is a tricky business.

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Threesome Sex Stories I went to visit a "friend with benefits" from high school at his college. James lived in a frat house and shared a room with two other guys.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. But Clearly It Did.

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I had just finished my senior in high school at the time and I was enjoying my summer before going off to college. I had moved into the pool house attached to my parents house for the summer so I could basically come and go as I pleased. One night I was hanging out with my friend down the street at his house and a few other people that lived in the neighborhood. After a bit of drinking one of the girls asked if I wanted to just hang out with her and her best friend.

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It was one of those sleepover pile-ons : everyone grabbing blankets, squabbling over sofa cushions, and squeezing four abreast on a futon designed for two. Probably some time between the end of the first term of uni and the beginning of the next one — during that delicious month where I was single, horny, and surrounded by others who were too. We were just winding down for the evening.

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There are body parts making funny farty noises, slapping against each other, sweating profusely, and a lot of re-adjusting position. Best leave your video camera at home. Should I put my legs up, or roll over into doggy?

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They all showered together in the ensuite shower. It was a double shower with two shower heads so they could all shower together. Dan lay on his back.

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Marta K. When she found herself in bed with a married couple, she learned a lot about how she defines good sex. Here, Marta tells her story. When I was young, I was all about fairytale-type love.

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We are much pleased to see them open for a dialogue and to have their release permission. And yes, today we have only women speaking as first persons but we hope this to be a short-term phenomenon. I guess calling this story a chance event would be incorrect — I did want to try a threesome.

Threesomes are one of those sex acts that sometimes can be a whole lot better in theory than in reality. That's not to say that having a threesome can't be amazing — it can be, if the third party having sex with a couple who's ready for it or you're a strong, adventurous couple with good communication. And this AskReddit thread shows just how bad it can be. People shared their threesome and group sex horror stories and, if you had any doubts about the powers of communication, this list should convince you.


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