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Free contact with the deceased

This is not something we believe.
(This is a long excerpt, but answers your first question.It may take months, or even years, but if you are patient and keep on ever increasing the depth of the astral call of meditation, you will succeed.Thats the only way I would know for sure. .But just because they get some assistance in sending a message doesnt mean the living will pick. .Communicating with a dead person when you are not a medium is like asking a podiatrist to perform brain surgery. .Kindly beings, other deceased relatives, angels, and spirit guides can probably help. .This will increase your vibration and frequency and make the connection a little closer. .Taking the time to communicate with your departed loved ones can help you to resolve your grief and confusion, and instill in you a sense of the meaning behind death.Dreams are the one time and place where your ego and objective mind are relaxed and you believe anything is possible. .I am copying for you below an excerpt from the book.
When you lose someone very dear to you by death and you find it impossible to forget him, then proceed to find him in the following way, practicing for two hours each day, for months or, if necessary, for years: Sit on a straight chair, and.
To help you, lets look at the 6 best ways to communicate with your departed loved ones.M, who among us has not yearned to reach out to those weve loved and lost?When you think of them, send some love through that conduit, and who knows, you may feel some love coming down to you too.Then sit in silence and try to feel their love; when you feel exhilarated, know that they have answered you.Karma and Reincarnation by Yogananda.It is an idea thats as old as mankind, and the stories of those who have contacted, and have been contacted by, the dead are manyfar too many to dismiss as fraud or delusion.You can absolutely communicate with your loved ones. .

So be on the lookout for those dreams. .
When there is real communication, usually the deceased spirit offers a message of love, reassurance, and connection. .
I know its hard to lose someone you love and feel like youre never going to see or talk to them again. .