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Inthe 60x40in red and yellow photograph of a crucifix plunged into a vat of Serrano's urine ignited a congressional debate on US public arts funding; in France last year, it was physically attacked. In midtown Manhattan on Thursday night, a small group of Catholics opposed to the work gathered outside the Edward Tyler Nahem gallery, where the exhibition opened. Some Christians find the work deeply offensive.

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Mitt Romney was not among the attendees at the first-ever Putin C ona day-long symposium held in New York City on March 16, but his spirit hovered over the gathering. President Obama pounced. His campaign never regained its footing.

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The test is used to check kidney function. A hour urine collection is done by collecting your urine in a special container over a full hour period. The container must be kept cool until the urine is returned to the lab.

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We waited to do it because I was pregnant and we didn't want to add to the already stressful event of adding a new sibling. It seemed to work for him and shortly after our 2nd son was born he moved to big boy underwear. We skipped the "pull ups" because he viewed them as a diaper. He did very well with the transition and only ever had one accident.

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Updated: June 25, References. Perhaps the most iconic of sleepover pranks, tricking your snoozing friends into peeing themselves has an obvious appeal. Home Random Desktop Site.

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Taking the piss is a Commonwealth term meaning to take liberties at the expense of others, or to be joking, or to be unreasonable. It is a shortening of the idiom taking the piss out of, which is an expression meaning to mocktease, joke, ridicule, or scoff. Taking the Mickey Mickey Bliss, Cockney rhyming slangtaking the Mick or taking the Michael is another term for making fun of someone.

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A urine drug test, also known as a urine drug screen or a UDS, is a painless test. It analyzes your urine for the presence of certain illegal drugs and prescription medications. The urine drug test usually screens for:.

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When our dogs want to share our bed, it should be taken as a compliment. Sure, it can appear to contradict the laws of science that something so small can take up an entire bed. Yes, when your dog leaps off the bed for a drink in the middle of the night for a drink of water it can disturb everybody.

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Depending on which gardening circles you hang with, the concept of urine in the garden may already have surfaced as a discussion topic. So what's the deal? Should you seriously pee on your peas, tinkle on your tomatoes, and take a leak on your lettuce? Well, not on themexactly, but if you aren't using your urine in your garden and on your compost pile, you are, pardon my French, pissing away a free, valuable resource and missing out an easy way to help close the gaping hole in your household nutrient cycle.