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I'm not the kind of guy who tries to analyze his own dreams. People spend so much time trying to decipher their own dreams and derive some greater meaning out of them, but I believe dreams should be taken as what they are: the involuntary firings of a sleepy pink brain. But some dreams are just too weird to spend much time analyzing.

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As we brace for and stack up our resolutions, Broadly is focusing on finding motivation for the hard tasks that await us—like getting out of bed. So, throughout January, we're rolling out Getting Out of Bed, a series of stories about all things related to rest and resilience. Read more here.

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Exploring sexuality within the confines of the dream world is one of the prime motivations for learning how to lucid dream. The promise of exciting dream sex is a marketing hotspot, so to speak, for beginning lucid dreaming guides, books, and dozens of meditation CDs. What these guides don't tell you, of course, is how difficult it is to perfect the art of exploring erotic energy in dreams, and what the pitfalls are along the way.

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SILD is an ideal lucid dreaming technique to use if this is the case. And actually, there are certain ways you can make yourself have sex-related dreams more often, which means you can use this technique to become lucid even more frequently. Like many other lucid dreaming methodsSILD is primarily a way to start recognizing that you are in a dream. In this case, instead of using a letter or another symbol to note that you need to perform a reality checkyou use sex-related things to remind you to do one.

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We all have unattainable sexual fantasies that could never logically occur. Whether it's getting a blowjob from a Pegasus with boobs, being made sweet love to by the Aerosmith bassist while floating in a opalescent astral plane, or getting back together with your now-married-with-stupid-children ex — it's just not gonna happen. So, what can you do?

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The first step for aspiring oneironauts is to let your mind know that your dreams do matter. So why bother with lucid dreaming? First and foremost, lucid dreaming is fun.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. We are all sexually aroused when we dream.

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If you're fortunate enough to remember your dreams, then you already know dreams can run the gamut and, sometimes, be weird as hell. But dreams can also be sexy. According to a study of 3, people published in American Academy of Sleep Medicinerespondents reported that roughly eight percent of their dreams are about sex. The study found that most common sex-related dreams are about intercourse, while sexual propositions, masturbation, and fantasies were in there too.

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Lucid dream sex is often the 1 reason that motivates people to learn to control their dreams. Dream control means being able to fulfil your ultimate fantasies, often just as tangibly and vividly as waking life. I mean, between sex and flyingwe've covered the two most highly desired features of lucid dreaming!

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