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A few days after John F Kennedy's assassination, Lyndon Johnson sat in his kitchen with his key advisers working his first speech to Congress. It was the evening of Kennedy's funeral — Johnson was now president. He had been a hapless vice-president; now he had to both personify and project the transition from bereavement to business as usual.

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Check out the latest analysis from The Point with Chris Cillizza :. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

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Trump Surrogate : Did it bother you when Obama did Trump is the fucking president now! Let me be very clear, Trumpsters: it

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Excuse my language. But come on, what the fuck, Obama? Now all the elites on board can actually watch the ice melting before their very eyes! Well you got the second half right.

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And not just with money as a tangible object, but in surrounding themselves with it and being ensconced in markers and signifiers of it. And I remember how anxious I felt during his acceptance speech, fearing that both him and Michelle would be assassinated during it, and I remember how that feeling persisted throughout his presidency. And then I remember all of the venom hurled at them, and how the disrespect of them was so ubiquitous that it became sentient, weaponizing into political movements and successful presidential campaigns.

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President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign. Not many people said Obama is out of Control. Obama did not mention Trump in his comments.

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The web site, which resembles the format of the hit site -- and later book -- ' Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle ,' was launched last week and has already been viewed by more than four million people, according to Lawrence O'Donnell. Shavanna Miller, who came up with the idea, says it only took approximately three hours for her and her two friends to put the site together on a Sunday night. Co-creator Richard Boenigk discussed the thought behind the site: "When we set out to create the site, we weren't out to convince anybody who wasn't already a supporter of the president

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Top definition. Barak Obama unknown. A Democratic Presidential nominee that has no idea how or what he is going to do with this country. He will go into Washington expecting to change everything when in reality all he will do is tax the hell out of big corporations which in return has to fire their employees, which you guessed it, just happen to be middle-class americans.

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You are now logged in. Forgot your password? If you have earnest Obama fans among your friends in a social network or perhaps even real life, you may well have been sent a link to the hiply profane " What the Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?

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