Strip line assembly

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The Micro-Strip product line includes stripping tools, Scribe tools Laser fiber manufactures and customers use the Micro-Strip tool to strip a large variety of laser fiber applications. The Micro-Strip tools can strip from um thru um laser fibers cleanly and

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The present invention relates to a strip line cable comprising one or more pairs of electrical conductors arranged in a spaced, parallel relationship with each element of each pair of conductors being at opposite positions on either side of a dielectric tape, this assembly being encased between layers of non-porous plastic. More particularly, this invention concerns a strip line having excellent signal transmission performance and dimensional stability, and having resin materials that can be easily stripped away for termination. It has been widely known that the use of materials having low dielectric constants, dielectric loss, and frequency dependence in transmission lines can achieve improved electric signal transmission performance.

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Strip lines, or strips, are horizontal or vertical ranges that shade the background of a chart in regular or custom intervals. You can use strip lines to:. A single StripLine object can either be drawn once, or repeatedly, for a given interval.

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Two ferrite disks are concentrically arranged in the hole on either side of the foil, and conductive plates enclosing each ferrite disk give the ground plane continuity. A biasing field is provided by a permanent magnet located at the circulator junction in a closed magnetic loop configuration so as to provide magnetic shielding for the circulator. The operational frequency range of the circulator is determined by the size of the ferrite disks, and optimization of performance at a fixed frequency within this range is obtained by varying the strength of the mag netic field and the length of the impedance matching sections forming part of the center conductors extending radially from the hole.

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The present disclosure relates generally to coaxial-to-stripline transitions and stripline-to-stripline transitions, and more particularly coaxial-to-stripline and stripline-to-stripline transitions including a shorted center via. Coaxial-to-stripline and stripline-to-stripline transitions are often used in both radiating and non-radiating electromagnetic EM devices, for example, radar seeker antennas and circuit card assemblies. These EM devices may contain one or more layers of a stripline transmission line medium and one or more sections of a coaxial transmission line medium.

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Possibility of controlling the process from start to finish, guaranteeing flexibility and quality. Always in line with your needs. Production strongly oriented to the global market, guaranteeing a flexible process and a high level of quality. This guarantees a high level of quality in all production processes.

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Stripline is one of the transmission-line options facing high-frequency circuit designers, especially for circuits where minimal electromagnetic EM radiation is important. Stripline can be thought of as a flat conductor suspended between two ground planes, with dielectric material separating the conductor from the ground planes. The configuration results in less EM radiation than circuits with microstrip transmission lines, with greater isolation between adjacent circuit traces compared to microstrip, but in a buried configuration that is more difficult to fabricate and service than microstrip.

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Strip Testing. Strip Testing refers to the process wherein semiconductor devices are electrically tested while they are still in their lead frame strips, i. Prior to testing, however, the devices in the strip have already undergone the lead trimming process for electrical isolation of their leads.


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