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As a woman who has dealt with plenty of unwelcome judgment in her life, I have always been a little uneasy about the idea of beauty pageants. But ever since I became a mother to my own little girl, that discomfort has deepened into something far more urgent. When I look at my daughter, I think about everything that….

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Amanda Feilding trepanning herself. There are plenty of ways to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Most of them involve ingesting some kind of psychoactive substance, or getting in a white tank filled with wateror sitting in front of a flashing light while listening to trance music.

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Mark the hole locations onto the front line drawn in step 1. Tuned to the traditional pentatonic scale, the instrument has four fingering holes and one thumb hole. My bottom lip filled the hole.

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A WOMAN was left feeling physically sick after realising that a condom had been stuck inside her for 24 hours. Australian sex blogger Nadia Bokody shared the horrific encounter in her YouTube series. In the video she explains how she became infatuated with a British man who began working in her office.

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Have you ever bought a new T-shirt and then literally weeks later found an annoying hole near the bottom, just staring back at you in jest? It's one of fashion's biggest mysteries - like what the extra hole in your trainers is for and why you have a teeny tiny pocket inside your main pocket on your jeans. But now, we finally know why it keeps on happening and it's probably nothing to do with moths.

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This finding increases the number of black holes known at that epoch considerably, and reveals, for the first time, how common they are early in the universe's history. In addition, it provides new insight into the effect of black holes on the physical state of gas in the early universe in its first billion years. The research appears in a series of five papers published in The Astrophysical Journal and the Publications of the Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

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Frances Dodds Longreads April 23 minutes words. I was 23, in grad school in New York, piecing together my rent with odd jobs. He wondered: Did I have many girlfriends over 5-foot I could bring around?

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The magazine changed strategy about 18 months ago, broadening its coverage to politics and social issues. Teen Vogue sold more magazines in December than it did in the entire year. We need this to be retouched! If we had retouched her more, then we would have, you know, been dragged on the internet.

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Researchers in the past had used a lower-intensity beam on small molecules, which in turn stripped away electrons from the molecules' iodine atoms. But in a recent experiment, a team used a high-intensity beam instead — and the results came as a big surprise. A single laser pulse stripped all but a few electrons in the molecule's biggest atom from the inside out.

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Katie Bouman was one of roughly people who worked together to create the first ever photograph of a black holeunveiled by scientists last week. But as a woman, an MIT grad and an accomplished computer scientist aged just 29, Bouman stood out to many as a role model for young women in the traditionally male-dominated STEM fields. Bouman, who will soon become an assistant professor at the California University of Technology Caltechwas part of a team that wrote, tested and helped interpret the software code used on data obtained by a global network of eight telescopes.


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