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We present the case of a 24 year old man who presented with acute urinary retention and found to have diphallus with vertical duplication of penis. Superior phallus was well developed without any urethral meatus whereas inferior phallus was rudimentary but with patent urethra. History of erection was present in superior phallus only whereas patient was voiding urine from inferior phallus.

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Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction pp Cite as. The reproductive function, combined with the need for a urethra, makes penile reconstruction and phallic construction challenging. Ideally, each should be done in a single stage that is reliably reproducible.

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These fixations occur when an issue or conflict in a psychosexual stage remains unresolved, leaving the individual focused on this stage and unable to move onto the next. For example, individuals with oral fixations may have problems with drinking, smoking, eating, or nail biting. During the anal stage, for example, a child supposedly gains a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment by controlling his or her bladder and bowel movements.

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The ACE Family has grown a massive following on YouTube for branding itself as a family-friendly channel that occasionally films pranks and random hijinks. Over the past week, people have been growing upset with a recorded video of dad Austin McBroom purchasing a penis-shaped lollipop for a young child and making a joke of it. I would LOVE to hear how he and other men try to defend this. The video, apparently recorded by McBroom, showed a little girl in a store asking him to purchase the adult-themed candy.

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In Freudian psychoanalysisthe phallic stage is the third stage of psychosexual developmentspanning the ages of three to six years, wherein the infant's libido desire centers upon his or her genitalia as the erogenous zone. When children become aware of their bodies, the bodies of other children, and the bodies of their parents, they gratify physical curiosity by undressing and exploring each other and their genitals, the center of the phallic stage, in course of which they learn the physical differences between "male" and "female", and the gender differences between "boy" and "girl", experiences which alter the psychologic dynamics of the parent and child relationship. In the Phallic stage of psychosexual developmenta boy's decisive experience is the Oedipus complex describing his son—father competition for sexual possession of mother.

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Sigmund Freud is probably the most well known theorist when it comes to the development of personality. This theory is probably the most well known as well as the most controversial, as Freud believed that we develop through stages based upon a particular erogenous zone. During each stage, an unsuccessful completion means that a child becomes fixated on that particular erogenous zone and either over— or under-indulges once he or she becomes an adult.

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However, this energy is without focus or direction, which would not allow for survival. Psychic energy is an important concept in Freudian psychology. The structure of the mind and development all revolve around how the individual attempts to deal with psychic energy.

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By Saul McLeodupdated Freud proposed that psychological development in childhood takes place during five psychosexual stages: oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital. These are called psychosexual stages because each stage represents the fixation of libido roughly translated as sexual drives or instincts on a different area of the body.

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A phallus is a penis especially when erect[1] an object that resembles a penis, or a mimetic image of an erect penis. Any object that symbolically—or, more precisely, iconically—resembles a penis may also be referred to as a phallus; however, such objects are more often referred to as being phallic as in " phallic symbol ". Such symbols often represent fertility and cultural implications that are associated with the male sexual organ, as well as the male orgasm.

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Lookup the document at:. Kelly Diane A. Access the full text:.


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