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Dentists know things about us. They know when we've been eating shit, they know when we've been smoking and they know when we've been avoiding going to the dentist because we absolutely know how many fillings we're going to need and absolutely do not want to get them, so instead just let our teeth erode away, slowly, like the Welsh coastline, inside our faces. But how much can dentists tell about our actual lives?

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No two penis owners like exactly the same things, and the best way of finding out what feels good to the lucky person you're going down on is to ask them. That said, certain fellatio frustrations arise more often than others — here are 10 common ones and what to do about them. You can't get the entire penis in your mouth.

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CSHCN are more likely to be victims of physical abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse compared to children without special health care needs. A careful and thorough intraoral and perioral examination is necessary in all cases of suspected child abuse and neglect. Oral injuries may be inflicted with instruments such as eating utensils or bottles during forced feedings, hands, fingers, scalding liquids, or caustic substances.

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When I think about the first time I had oral sex, I remember it being as disappointing and awkward as it was hilarious — and I don't think my story is a unique one. The truth is, there's just a lot of things no one tells you about oral sex. If you've ever given or received oral sex, then you already know that doing it for the first time comes with more than a few surprises.

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According to the updated clinical report, " Oral and Dental Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect ," injuries and infections in and around the mouth appear often in children who are maltreated. These may occur when caregivers react violently during developmentally normal fussiness at mealtime or bedtime, for example. Bruises on the lips, gums, tongue, lips or soft tissue inside the mouth from eating utensils or a bottle during forced feeding.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! How do you keep teeth out of the way when giving a blow job?

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Most people will experience tongue bleeding from time to time. The location of your tongue makes it vulnerable to injury. Your tongue can be injured by man things, such as:.

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I read the previous post similar to my situation and the answer I got is negligible risk. But, I really need to confirm this. I got a blow job from a stranger who identified himself negative and claimed to get tested periodically. He rimmed my anal and gave me an unprotected oral sex alternately for one and a half hour.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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Oral sex is commonly practiced by sexually active male-female and same-gender couples of various ages, including adolescents. The various type of oral sex practices are fellatio, cunnilingus and analingus. Oral sex is infrequently examined in research on adolescents; oral sex can transmit oral, respiratory, and genital pathogens. Oral health has a direct impact on the transmission of infection; a cut in your mouth, bleeding gums, lip sores or broken skin increases chances of infection.


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