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In a series of interviews, performers tell The Independent what they want you to know about their line of work. There are few who would expect the word 'feminist' to be followed by 'porn star'. Fewer still would preface 'porn' with 'ethical'.

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Claudia Corvette. From her tousled bedroom hair to her name—all the porn stars in this world take their names from supermodels and sports cars—she is adult entertainment's prototypical femme fatale. Her life is the collision of countless troubled—childhood cliches and grown—up wet dreams, projected onto her as surely as her videos project their blue light onto lonely men a.

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Published by Regan Books Seller Rating:. About this Item: Regan Books,

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He'd been jackhammering away for what felt like hours. You like that? And then, somewhere around the 18th time he said it, it hit me -- I wasn't just having bad sex.

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With its wit the book is dedicated to Onanits victim narrative multiple sexual assaultsits celebrity dish Howard Stern is actually well endowedand its frank, one-fisted prose style "After three hours of sweaty, psychotic sex, she handed me a huge black strap-on"the queen of porn's autobiography is destined to become a lowbrow classic. Jameson's career began at 16, when she fell for Jack, a tattoo artist. At a party, Jack's neo-Nazi uncle raped Jameson.

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Truth be told, you may learn some interesting things from this graphic novel, but you will not learn how to make money like a porn star. While this may immediately dissolve any interest in this tale, be reassured: it is still a fascinating story to experience. In the midst of enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame in the pornographic film industry, Claudia Corvette had everything: a suitcase full of money, an award-winning director for a boyfriend, and a body to kill for.

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The one thing I can say about this book: I have known and dealt with a lot of women in the sex industry porn stars, strippers, escorts, pimps, etcand Jenna is much smarter and more introspective and honest than pretty much any of them. They all basically have the same story, but hers is that story blown up as big as it can get. The simple truth, and the hardest thing most women ever learn, is that what you see is what you get.

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The brainchild of Judith Regan and Jameson, the book was, at first, going to be a sex guide from the most famous porn star in the whole wide world. A big hit, for sure. At the time, I worked closely with a number of other sex educators and sexologists, and we all felt the pain when the book was announced.

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Is Neil Strauss going to mack on me or what? The book was a self-help juggernaut, propelled in part by its distinctly un-p. Men, from all points along the self-esteem continuum, went nuts for it. But now Strauss seems rather weary of being the Dr.


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