M1 carbine penetration tests

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This design routinely delivers 15" of penetration in ballistic gelatin tests. At fps, this Critical Defense offering dramatically redefines the performance of the storied M1 Carbine. Find a Retailer.

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If you want to know how different types of pellets penetrate, here is a neat experiment you can do with very little equipment. The test medium I use Neutrogena glycerin facial bars for this test. You find them in the cosmetics section of the store.

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The 30 M1 Carbine is a fast-handling rifle. Although we fired the rifle until hot, it never gave any trouble with four out of the five loads tested. The 30 Carbine cartridge is an interesting and historically significant round. The M1 Carbine was the first little-maintenance firearm issued to the U.

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With a new world war igniting Europe inU. Army senior commanders witnessed a tactic not seen in the previous conflict of Germany had developed the concept of blitzkrieg—the use of parachute and mechanized units supported by aviation to strike, achieve quick penetration into rear areas and destroy communications, supplies and reinforcements before the enemy could react.

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If only the Marines has Speer Gold Dot. We tested the Speer Gold Dot. While the rifle was handy to carry at about 6 pounds, and the operator could carry large amounts of smaller and lighter.

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If there is an oft told tale of US service rifle failure more common than the myth of the M16 being UN-reliable, it is the tales of the failures of the M1 carbine in the Korean war, to penetrate the thick coats worn by communist soldiers. Anyone who is interested in US ordnance history of its use has no doubt hear or read about it some where. Firearms boards in the internet thrive on telling each other these stories and they are no doubt popular campfire fodder.

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For years customers have asked me for a couple of full power 30 M1 Carbine loads. The typical current commercially manufactured 30 M1 Carbine ammo is running at or below 1, fps with gr. When the US issued this military cartridge init was designed to propel a gr. While three of these Buffalo Bore 30 M1 Carbine loads are giving close to 2, fps in my various 30 M1 Carbines, item 46D, which utilizes a heavier bullet is not, as can be seen below.

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In researching the rifle and cartridge I learned that is was not considered the man stopper as the larger caliber rifles but as a carbine it sure was handy. So, I thought while I had the rifle handy, test ammunition left over, and freshly melted ballistic gel why not see what a difference the newer defensive type ammunition makes. I used all the same rounds from the accuracy test including original Lake City Match.

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USA — - Ammoland. During the early s, World War II first-person shooter games were all the rage and I soon had a list of guns I would like to shoot one day. American guns, however, were not really on the list. Time marched on, and I have gotten plenty of trigger time behind quite a few of those video-game featured firearms.


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