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We are happy to report that the federal Transportation Security Administration TSA has begun taking steps to prevent and address the unnecessary and humiliating hair pat-downs black female travelers have been subjected to for quite a while now. Earlier this year, I shared my experiences and that of my client, Malaika Singleton, Ph. In my case, a TSA agent suddenly grabbed my hair without any warning and squeezed it from top to bottom after I had passed through the advanced imaging technology AIT body scanner at the airport.

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Blackfishing — where people change their skin colour and hair to appear black — is a strange trend. One blogger accused of blackfishing told Metro. And what does it say about society that women appropriating black features may be considered more sexually attractive than actual black women?

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Skip navigation! Story from Hair. Crystal Martin.

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Who were the black Irish? Some say they came from the Spanish Armada. Wikimedia Commons.

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Keri Hogan was about to become a police officer when she submitted a sample of her hair to the city of Boston for testing. The city, in turn, gave it to a company called Psychemedics, which washed the hair, dissolved it, and used gas chromatography and mass spectrometry—chemical analysis techniques—to check it twice over for evidence of cocaine. Boston police officers whose hair tests positive for drugs usually have two options: admit their substance abuse problems and agree to a stint in rehabilitation, or relinquish their position.

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Original Post. FireFly A1. I have no idea, but it's an interesting question.

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Discrimination based on hair texture is a form of social injusticefound worldwide, that targets black peoplespecifically black people who have afro-textured hair that's not been chemically straightened. Universally, afro-textured hair has frequently been seen as being unprofessional, unattractive, and unclean. In the Western worldafro-textured hair has historically been treated with disdain, by members of all ethnicities. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Atlantic slave trade saw black Africans forcibly transported from Sub-Saharan Africa to North America and, upon their arrival in the New Worldtheir heads would be shaved in effort to not only prevent the spread of lice but to erase their culture, as many Africans used hairstyles to signify their tribal identity, marital status, age, and other personal characteristics.

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They often resolve without treatment. Some spots on the tongue, though, might signal a serious underlying problem that needs prompt medical attention. You may be able to identify the cause of some spots easily, but others need further examination.

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Search Submit. Although news about the birth started making media rounds early Monday, confirmation was made through the social media handles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they revealed the gender of the new Prince whose name, according to Prince Harry would be revealed in a day or two. The baby weighs 7lbs 3oz and The Duke of Sussex was present for the birth. Support Pan-African Journalism Subscribe.


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