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Back to Sexual health. We sort fact from myth and answer your questions on what is arguably one of the most commonly practised sexual activities on the planet. Masturbation involves sexually arousing yourself by touching your genitals.

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Masturbation - as we all already know - is so good for you in so many ways. It literally benefits your health FFS. At the same time, like with anything, if you're doing it too much it may mean something more serious is going on with you.

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Today we asked Anna Targonskayamedical consultant at Flo, to answer most frequent questions by our users. Keep reading to get the answers on all masturbation FAQs that can run through your mind. Masturbation is the stimulation of your erogenous zones clitoris, anal, vagina with the goal to achieve sexual satisfaction and come to an orgasm.

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Wondering about masturbation? You're not alone. Comedy Central.

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Source: YouTube. You might think that inpeople would have gotten the hang of masturbation, but no. Instead, the internet is full of questions about it.

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But, scrolling through Twitter, it seems the male population is still genuinely intrigued as to what masturbation means for a woman. We all masturbate! Realistically, whenever they feel like it.

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Here are questions people ask about masturbation more often than you might expect:. Masturbation is also a simple, straight-forward method of attaining self-knowledge. When you masturbateyou get to figure out what feels pleasant for you. And as recently as inDr.